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Agro Aqua GmbH


... an investment in a growing market!


AgroAqua, with its international partners as a general contractor, ensures the successful turn-key realization of sustainable recirculation systems (RAS) and flow through systems (FTS) in aquaculture and agricultural projects through the professional, comprehensive and detailed elaboration of economic and technical feasibility studies, business plans and relevant technical documents.

In addition to the financing and realization of such projects, we support our customers in the operation of the plants, training the employees, certifications of the product and not least the distribution of the respective products due to years of management experience in the food trade. In addition we will perform due dilligence regarding adaptation of facilities and profitability increase. Due to the unique combination and experience in all the business-field mentioned, we are able to cover all requirements to the best satisfaction of our customers.


The success of a project depends to a large extent on the operating conditions and the know-how. The evaluation of the relevant parameters, selection of the right feed, the safety and hygiene regulations in production and processing to reduce production losses, quality control, product certification and production processes; all this requires a highly trained workforce.

AgroAqua and our international partners provide appropriate support and specific solutions. With training programs for employees and workers, online support and tailor-made support solutions for plant operations, we ensure the success of our customers.


In addition to our services, the "products" of our aquaculture plants of seedlings vary in a sustainable system with rearing programs to restocking rivers and lakes up to slaughtered fish, fresh or frozen or the packaged end-product.

Fresh water fish such as Pikeperch, Salmon, Catfish etc. and saltwater fish such as Grouper, Yellowtail, Flatfish etc. are typical of our systems. Other species such as shrimp and mussels are also possible. As the fish is at the heart of the whole system, we design our facilities and components to ensure both the health of fish and excellent productivity.


By taking into account the specific needs of the customer and the building site, we can ensure that the economic and technical requirements are exactly met.


Land-based aquaculture and, in particular, closed recirculation systems offer promising solutions for the economic and ecological production of animal proteins.


In order to ensure that these systems develop the desired potential, it is essential that all aspects are coordinated.


The FIVE COLUMNS Success of Agro Aqua

Realisation / Construction / Basic Design
Operation / Maintenance / Training
Sales / Logistics
Financing / Planning
Feasibility Study / Business Plan
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